To recognize National Gaucher Month 2018, AVROBIO held the Ripples4Gaucher contest open to those in the community. We invited participants to submit ripples, or stories of how they inspire, motivate, or provide service to others in the Gaucher community, and donated $5,000 to the National Gaucher Foundation. We received several fantastic submissions showing what those living with Gaucher do to raise awareness, drive change, or impact the community.

Here are the Ripples4Gaucher we received:

Meet Carrie
Contest Winner
Meet Cyndi
Contest Winner
Meet Rebecca & Stella Rae
My diagnosis of Gaucher Disease at age 27 came as a shock and a relief.
Meet Aviva
Meet Theresa & Noah
I hope that by spreading this knowledge I have prevented another patient from going through the stress and fear of an uncertain diagnosis.
Meet Elissa

About Ripples4Gaucher

Ripples4Gaucher is an AVROBIO-led initiative to encourage those in the Gaucher community to help spread positivity, inspire, and provide service to others like them.

About the National Gaucher Foundation

The National Gaucher Foundation (NGF) is an independent nonprofit dedicated to serving U.S. patients with Gaucher disease and their families.

National Gaucher Foundation